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One Big Ghetto, One Big Parking Lot

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It should be a simple law of the universe that anyone waiting for a freshly-minted Xanax prescription should not have to stand in line for two and a half hours in a pharmacy packed wall-to-wall with hurricane evacuees. People talk only of FEMA, homeowner's policies, flood…

Serving Up Boris

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The only sport that received any kind of group enjoyment in my family was tennis. Wimbledon, to be more precise. My mom liked to watch Wimbledon, getting up early to watch live matches played in England. So I'd join her.

I Am

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When I was a boy, I always wondered if Dad were black. No one in our small town looked like Dad. He had the thick features of an Arab. If he let his hair grow, it piled up in messy loafs on his head. Of course, I never asked Dad about any of this. I wasn'

Me moir my yore

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The quick, brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Just A Girl

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“You guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I hissed to my friends. They were busy discussing the merits of arugula salad. “What is it?” Sally asked. “It's Gwen-fucking-Stefani!!!!” “Where?” “The table behind us. DON'T look now!” Of course San

Outer Space Visitor

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"Hello earthlings. I am an alien here from Mars." My ears immediately perked up and my curiosity piqued. I had never been to Mars and I had always wanted to go. Perhaps he could help me. NASA was way too expensive and if he had a spaceship I could easi

The Witness

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We were gathered to pay our respects to Mrs. Scott, my mother's aunt. Her body was in a room just off the parlor.

Picnic & Other Stories

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My mom didn't like my girl friend. Too young, too flashy, she said. She didn't say anything about her big tits.

Blood Stains

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For Christ sake, my favorite cartoon was Jem and the Holograms but you wouldn't see her pink haired ass on my arm. I knew right then and there this session in the sack was going south quick. I guess we had better just fuck and get it over with. I got on

On Tundergarth Farm

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There’s an oak tree in Hanover, New Hampshire. Twenty years old, it is still a sapling. I imagine that one day the tree will have a commanding view of the Connecticut River and Norwich, Vermont, where my mom sat in bed, crying, watching everything unfol

My First Sonogram

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As I was checking out with the receptionist, Dope came barging through the door and told the guy at the front desk that I needed to be booked for this sonogram “right away, like within the next 72 hours.” My hands started to shake and my lower body b

A Body Divided, 2

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I came down with polio on September 15, 1953, a mild, smoky day drawing close to autumn outside of Chicago — which also happened to be the exact date of my parents' twenty-first wedding anniversary. Only six months later the Salk vaccine was already b

A Body Divided, 3

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A group of nuns arrived in the middle of my first night at Hinsdale Hospital. I guess I must have dozed off when this odd noise, like curtains being moved, woke me up. At first I couldn't make out what that rustling sound was in the hallway outside my doo

A Body Divided, 4

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After surviving the first night in the hospital, I was put into a shared room to save on expenses, and to make room for the deluge of new cases that were coming in, and that was when I made friends with my roommate, Tommy. He was a boy about the sam

A Body Divided, 5

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Physical therapy was on the agenda every morning, first thing. A nurse would come to my room from the basement floor where they did physical therapy. She'd wrap me in a blanket and put me into a wheelchair, even though it was obvious I didn't need one to