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Folded Flower

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Attached in the center were the petals of a small flower pressed in wax paper. Uncreased, she read it out loud

Three as She Lay Sleeping

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As I watched her sleep, I saw gentle frost and sun on crystal.

A Scoundrel Responds to His Critics

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Silk loves a curve, as do I

and then I will ask you if it is beautiful.

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my love is not unlike a pile of trash

Thin Flame

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It was impossible that you wouldn't love me

You Don't Need To

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You need only one who notices.

When I Asked You to Sing at My Funeral

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It's because poetry would not do because the fireflies were alive that night, aflame

After: An All American, Post 9-11 Love Poem

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After he got on one knee, and she said, I do. After they watched the televised bombs disappear the city. After everyone fell asleep. After shock and awe, him and her making love…

Love Poem

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I need to be not sure


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my pilgrim tongue on the map of your body seeks sanctuary

West of Romance

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I want a perfect American life in shambles.

I Would Like To Describe

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I would like to describe the morning with the absences of dark


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From words to meaning― how complicated it is.

Song to James

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You are to me a softness like a staying, a hardness that stretches like a road.

The World is Bigger

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It is best not to judge.