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Talking To Flowers

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He is quiet, as if acknowledging what really happened on that snowy road. He’s not really there, yet he is, like a shadow in my peripheral vision—fleeting, yet watchful.

Matika's Gift (Part.1) vs 0.1

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A pitiful cry caught his attention. He was about to curse whatever it was away and scurry off when he saw a tiny hand emerge from within a pork-cracker crate.


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a humming fluorescent martyr saving scratch off souls seated at the right hand of a sputtering neon star


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*It is a purely fictitious story.Any resemblance to it is purely coincidental. “You never realize death until you realise love “ I could not understand this quote until I met her. Yes! There is death because love gives…

For the Woman Who Has a Hundred

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“What would you get? What should you give a lady who’s one hundred for her birthday?”

The Man who was followed by butterflies

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They hovered and darted but, after a while, they seemed to be always around him. Lapping at him like the mellow waves that stroked the muddy bank.


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She wanted to have an eating disorder, but she liked food too much to stop eating it and hated the taste of vomit mixed with tooth paste.


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“What I really want to know is, why is a straight guy called Caspar opening a lesbian leather bar in Berlin anyway?” Shona asked. “Schöneberg must really be going to the dogs.”

Riposi in Pace.

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It was too young to be love. We were 5, a buzz-cut me, and you, plated with babyteeth


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For you – because you deserve more effort


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We may not be capable of even trying to appreciate the fact of mortality until we are somewhat older—let's say 18 years old. But, from the age of 18 until we die—and die we will; we know that—we have the opportunity to spend some time thinking abou


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My Grandma caressed my sleeping Grandfather’s feet as we sat in his hospital room after hours.

Selfish Success

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I wear my gun so it shows, so everyone knows.

Mid - Loss

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Mid-Dawn//Mid-Dusk -- Wait for me.

Movies and Songs

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But I am quite sure, in my loneliness, there is nothing that aches inside me more, than a desire to persist.