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Passing Time

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A surreal conversation in a library hints at something else.

The Tortoise in the Hair

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Pete told me, honest to God, that the first night he had that tortoise back home with him, he woke up the next morning bald. The damn thing had eaten off all his hair. So then Pete figured he'd strike up a deal with Clarence Magee, the barber.

Bobby Fischer in Budapest

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Bobby Fischer hates anyone using his name. Movies, books, stories, news articles, games. Kasparov, Spassky, even Deep Blue—he cursed them for ever having thought of his name. Whoever's thinking my name right now—burn in hell!

December 15, 2012

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Already, I can see that, whenever Harold moves, some of his soul escapes, like an accidental exhalation, like breath on powder.

'A Regular Joe'

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Whole Lot of Sick

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I'm instant sorry I give him a tight hug but nothing will erase the ugly.

An Absolute Doll

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“Oh, I shouldn’t complain, I guess, but she did tend to get a leetle bit too caught up in that Hindernet thing, but I suppose that’s something younger people do today. Why, she didn’t even hear me when I would ask her for something! Can you imagine?”

The Blood Libretto

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I eat my heart, I eat my heart, I eat my heart; share with me my ruby bane. Here, here, late kiss in dark air; late last grasp of heaven’s black and silent mane.

Room # 23

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She stood for a moment to think about what happened inside. She had just killed her husband of twenty three years.

That Spark

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these fleeting moments of insanity.

The List

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Then I looked down and there it was—the list—under the phone right where my wife had said.

Killzone Excerpt: The Island (Day 56)

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He rose up from the ground, already feeling the headache left from the fall. He tasted blood. It was coming from his nose and lip.

When Spring Comes Will the Grass Grow by Itself?

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Lila began to hear whispers coming from her home's air vents and quickly assumed people were watching her. Maybe that was why the yard was not progressing she thought. The unknowns talking to her through the vents had control over everything she did.

She's Up a Level

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[FUN FACT: Can you name the 3 80's sitcom stars who asked cops when they were pulled over for a speeding ticket, 'Don't you KNOW WHO I AM!' Answer: It's not just three!]

Albert Einstein and The Definition of Wishful Thinking

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It's been said the scoreboard doesn't lie. By that measure, she didn't have much to boast about. No job. No money. No husband. No kid. She could spin it any way she liked. Her life was not great.