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Diplomatic Relations

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I fully intend to show Hamilton the delights of soft Oriental carpeting and a delicious new position I learned not long ago. It involves a silk scarf, a leather strap and some aromatic herbs.

A Little Fictional Heat

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She owned a restaurant in the desert that had copper kites pinned to the walls. There were other things too that filled the room—flies and couples who sat at low-lit tables on their desert evening date. The three cooks had the same hairdo—stiff little Mohican…

The Day After Falling in Love

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The day after falling in love, I became unmoored from everything familiar.

Turkey Sandwich

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Perhaps I deserve to feel this way. We were trying to get pregnant when my online escapades became more frequent. Like a drug, this was my place to escape the real horrors of life.

Two Wives

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Two women sat at a small round table near the sidewalk waiting for the same man.


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Can’t you do anything right?

Arrested Development

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For the last five months Stacey had been seeing Mitchell a fellow officer on the force. They would match up their shifts so they could be on street duty together as often as possible. They would go back to her place at least once each shift they worked

How (not) to Cheat

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...I’m honest enough to know that fucking around has never been accidental or unplanned. Every time I did it, even in the rock bottom throes of esteem, sobriety, and life, yes, even on the brink of suicide, I knew exactly what I was doing...

Filtering Grace

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...She was my first, my only, she broke me in then brought me down. Alone now, I cycle through hundreds of variations of her image like a flip book narrating some abstract story. That’s all she is now to me, an incoherent melange of tints, saturations, an

Simon The Sex Trafficker

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While he was in there he saw another man walk in, five years his senior. He was ushered back by a woman with bare legs and a white coat, as if she was role playing a professional masseuse. He'd caught sight of the man's ring finger and it hand a plain gol

Wandering Eye

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“If they look that good in shorts.” I warned him once, in a candid, humorous moment, “Then they’re probably too young for you to look at.”

Not Sure If You're Actually Having Sex? I Can Help.

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When I stumbled upon evidence that the man I'd loved and trusted for 20 years had a secret girlfriend for the past 10 of those years, he tried to deny it.“We never had sex!” he told me. And I believed him. For about two minutes.“You never…

After the Poison

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I've measured out our time togethersealed it in airtight bottlesthe one labeled 1998 kept closelike smelling saltsOne whiff a camphor waking memaking me high on the idea of usputting blinders on your infidelitiesdouble vodkas and damaging wordsAnd when that isn't enoughI…


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she's made your life a hell, a living hell

Emily's Letter to her Husband's Lover

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I almost kept him on the shelf with all the trophies.