Arrested Development

by Anson Pope

            Tom left her after three kids and mid-life for a twentysomething.  It's not you babe . .  .

            For the last five months Stacey had been seeing Mitchell a fellow officer on the force.  They would match up their shifts so they could be on street duty together as often as possible.  They would go back to her place at least once each shift they worked together.  Especially if it was a day shift and her kids were at school.  Their passion rattled the apartment windows.  The NEIGHBOR'S apartment windows.  Some days it would be hours.  Others maybe seconds, drawn out into imaginary minutes.

            On a Friday it would be one of those times that could last for hours.  After 20 minutes a small sound at her bedroom door.  They freeze and become silent Her moans continue to echo off the walls and it seems for seconds before true silence, before a second sound at the door.  Following the sound came a voice.  Little; no more than three.

            “Mommy?”  The child cooed through the door.

            “Mommy?”  a second call just slightly louder than the first.

            “I'll be right there.” Stacey called back.

            Mitchell pushed himself up and away from her.  Stacey slowly dropped her legs.  The condom slide off Mitchell's throbbing cock a slight bit.  The tip of it held tightly inside Stacy's pussy.  He hadn't cum yet.

            As Mitchell scurried off the bed and began bending over to get his uniform she turned to face him.  “Mitch, what's wrong?”

            Cop training—don't react.  He pulled his pants up by his belt.

            “Mitchell!  What's going on?  Why are you getting dressed?”

            He slung his shirt over his shoulders and rapidly closed the buttons then tightened his tie.

            “Mitchell!  Look at me!?  What the fuck is going on!?” She demanded.

            He straightened his hat in the mirror over her dresser.  He could see her leaning up with the sheets wrapped around her like soft cream.  He raised his right arm slightly and pointed at the door.  “Mommy?”  He said.