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The Right Words

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When you purchased this stone-backed cottage with its iron-flanked façade and ten untidy acres fronting an abandoned trail, you knew you’d buy a horse. It had been a dream of yours as far back as childhood.

The Bridge

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The Chicago River is an artery of great renown in the history of the city, and it connects the lower waterways that lead to the town of Lockport and beyond. Near the old neighborhood where I used to live, the river divides the district, from Chinatown, do


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years later, she won’t go near the trees

Lord Savior Google

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Our Lord Savior Google/ answers prayers without prejudice/ and leaves the self-hatred up to you

This Horse

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But this horse, he was magic... I buried him where he fell.

The Secret

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He was the oldest person attending the wedding and the reception.

First Shot (final chapter!)

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Murder solved...or is it?