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My Search for The First Snowman

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This was my quest for over 6 years. It would deplete my bank account, test my marriage and get me in with a lot cool celebrities.

Close to Ireland (for the Paddy Group Challenge)

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The closest I've been to Ireland is Conwy castle on the coast of Wales. It was summer, mid-way through college. I was naive and dreamy then. I wandered historic and literary monuments throughout England and weighed my future options.


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When I have a cold, my ears and head plug up like the suction cup of a drain or one of those tacky window decals we used to stick to the glass panes on holidays like Christmas or Easter, a thin, plastic replication of our atheistic tendencies that clearly

An Angel at Christmas

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Call it what you may but misfortune, bad luck, disaster, adversity and trials of different calibers can hit us at any time.We are human. We experience the ups and downs of life everyday. Out of a job, lack of money, health insurance and other luxuries that some people…

dark deer

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On the porch beside the banyan trees, Australian pine, palms, hibiscus, your son recites the Gettysburgh Address. It is Thanksgiving on Anna Maria Island and your family, parents, and sister's family sit before their vanquished plates.


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Ted rose and began searching cushions of the bad furniture in his loft (Monte's loft, if you thought in terms of leases and rent and who had his shit together). Three shineless quarters in the yellow vinyl chair, a dime in the heater, nineteen cents in t


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unlike drift wood tossed ashore

Sweet Charity

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Troy approached the podium and cleared his throat.

'tis the Season

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The contemporary festival of monetary outlay has replaced the celebration of fraternity. Hearths are cold, hearts as well,…


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Where seldom is heard an encouraging word

Santa Breaks Bad

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It was bound to happen. Even celebrities can only take so much. The constant comparisons to Christ (people still think He was born in December), assumptions that he was anti-Semite or anti-Islam, and accusations from PETA, now ad litem for…

The Abolitionist: A Science-Fiction Christmas Story

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The rows of orange trees below were guarded from insects by peacocks—thousands of them—and from apopolian intruders by cCougars. The cCougars were not terribly different from regular cougars, but they were certainly a deterrent to hungry outsiders. Her


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"When's Mommy coming home?"

It's May. Enjoy Yourself!

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May is National Masturbation Month. How do I know? My pal Senior Sex Expert Joan Price is not only vigorously celebrating, but doing everything she can to spread the word.“I'm on it!” I assured her when she told me. “Thanks.”…

A Christmas Story

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I pay for 3 Trump Troll Dolls and a package red licorice twizzlers and head back toward the door. Dancing Gnome Girl is there to greet me. I stick a twizzler in the teeth of the donation pail.