Sandra Dee

Location USA
Website http://

Why do you write?

My mind is always ticking --- creating and imagining different scenarios. Wondering why things happen, could they have happened differently and what would the outcome be?

I write both fiction and non-fiction.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Wilbur Smith, Harold Robbins, James Hadley Chase, Robert Ludlum, Catherine Cookson, Enid Blyton

Sandra Dee's Wall

Sandra Dee – Oct 27, 2010

Call it what you may but misfortune, bad luck, disaster, adversity and trials of different calibers can hit us at any time.We are human. We experience the ups and downs of life everyday.

Out of a job, lack of money, health insurance and other luxuries that some people take for granted, the book is about how one couple overcome all this to see the true meaning of Christmas.

Look for "An Angel at Christmas" by Sandra Dee on
November 3, 2010 on Amazon's Kindle.

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