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Foodarama Saturdays

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Dan and I perfected the art of procrastination, while tornado warnings did their radio-test rrrrn-rrrrn-rrrn groan on my Sony clock set. We imagined the trailing tails of these cork-screw clouds, dusting some outlying part of our sprawling city, lifting


12711271 views2020 comments1111 favs lick you ice cream, little pink tongue like a cat's, flick, flick... lick fast, girl, the heat's gonna melt it...


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yet I never want to go without sense of humor, or dumb hope for the little white butterflies

dog day aftersummernoon

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Cracked windows, popsicles, Madonna videos, more of Jeff's corners

ICU for the Heat Stroke Victim

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There is nothing to do here but exhume the dying.

The Late, Late Show

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This is my secret source of income, you see....

Igniting the Forest.

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It wasn't raining, and I wasn't in Paris. The moon wasn't out, and I couldn't see the city lights. It was a sunny Saturday, not too hot but hot enough, and I wondered if my bike would fall over …


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Remain in repose, a little longer.

Goodnight, Travel Well

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An excerpt.