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The sommelier’s hand stalled in mid-air and hung there, frozen and limp, above the middle-point of the table, above the salt and the pepper, and above the single pink rose in the flat black vase.

The Nondescript

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Her arm rests at her feet on the platform. She wears the remains of tiny leather boots. She is naked except for her boots. For a hundred years she wore a Russian dancer’s dress.


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Your matted hair a clotted dark galaxy torn from useful teeth stars disappear into the flavorless gray Does it always have to be that way? Do we always have to change? Will you stare if you ever see me again?

Askew (version #2)

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My matted hair a clotted dark galaxy torn from useful teeth stars disappear into the flavorless gray a longing nebula of regret The universe is turning old before you know Does it always have to be that way? a gray universe of stars dying unknown deaths …

Annals of the Naked Rowdies #13

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It worked for a short time and their next album, "The Hirsute Agenda" became an underdog success.


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She fights the need to close her eyes. Ridiculous. This is no childbirth stitch, no surgeon's slice — this is pleasure... [863 words]

The Kid With the Hair

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threads of Cocoa Krispies

The Secret

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Her hair when she bent over flipped across her face and caused a short but alterable period of sight deprivation. The thought that occurred to her during this brief interval centered on the day her mother came home from work and discovered a horror in the kitchen. To this…


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He stared at the mirror, his hair looked chewed up–severed by a miniature lawnmower.

der Morgenmuffel

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I sat on the corner of her desk ... Angela Merkel can be a sweetie when she wants to be.

City Streak

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the little crummy salon that churned out little fat women with pinked curly hair

True Vocation

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After lunch it's vocal coaching: shrieking, screaming, crying Oh-my-God!-Oh-my-God!-Oh-my-God!, panting and face fanning. Next it's ‘situational training', where we pretend to be audience members on real talk shows and practice everything we've learned th

Agoraphobic Confronts The Security In Galleria

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out there tossing tumbleweeds under swaybacked radials, the swerve, catty wompous, all scattered humans harmlessly humping it,


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Lets her tiptoes do the walking.


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I have mine cut simply, no bangs.