Annals of the Naked Rowdies #13

by Shelagh Power-Chopra

The "Naked Rowdies" third album, "Turkish Bath Delite" did dismally in downloads, so their manager, Kip "Streaker" Kaplan, decided it must be an image problem.

Gone were the sheer codpieces and experimental "birthday suits". Brought in full force were opaque leotards and vats of horse tranquilizer; the only thing that calmed the boys down a little.

It worked for a short time and their next album, "The Hirsute Agenda" became an underdog success with Jesuit Priest and Sikhs throughout the world.

Liam was especially pleased as he had written the chorus to "The Clothed Bottom". But Roddy thought the whole publicity stunt was a sham; he went back to wearing little and ruining the band's new clothing with cans of flesh colored spray paint.