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Simmer Time

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Usually the predawn light means bedtime for wicked guitar players, but not that bloody Sunday.


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It would wander the hallways after the 3:45 bell, after the last class, after the students had all disappeared with the homework they'd never finish, the papers they'd forget to write, after Nate the janitor pushed his broom through the endless doorways,

Aguilas Range

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When I was thirteen and still lived in the desert I saw a ghost woman at the top of a dry waterfall in the foothills.


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She noticed the bony claws protruding from under the tattered cloak, the sagging ectoplasm that seemed to drip from the specter's gaseous mouth.


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The strangest thing though was there were no people, everyone had vanished. No passengers, no train engineers, no busmen, not even any station attendants. I was alone. After checking a couple of doors and finding them locked I continued on along the plat


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The sun browbeat me relentlessly, like a one-eyed judge with an unforgiving heart.


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The main problem in trying to fix its location was that the spectacle came and went. We walked toward it twice – and both times it disappeared after we had advanced no more than ten or fifteen yards. “Told you,” Glenn said. “Now you see it; now you don’t

Non-existent Vagina

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I’ve always been a haunted house kind of girl. Some people are brave enough to explore me but it is the rare person who actually senses me and doesn’t run away screaming in abject horror.

Ghost Camp

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Reverberations will rock me into an early grave. It's practically the law.

Ghost Returns Home

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"Do you know how long they've waited for you?" Elle asked. "At first, it was every day after school, waiting at the windows. They wouldn't go play with friends because they wanted to be here, in case you returned. Then, they used to believe you would come

Ghost Searches Downtown

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No one told a story.

The Ghost of a Smile

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Bridges. Best reason I can think of to invest in contact lenses, and resign myself to sticking clear discs to my eyeballs every morning. Part of me knew this day would come.

The Gratitude of Bones

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During war, as in any terrible time of upheaval, burials are merely quick words and a scattering of dirt, if the dead are lucky.

Dr. Dre In Passing Bedside Manor

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Like you, I love the people most, and was careful with their stuff ...

Three Ghosts

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When my jaw aches one morning, he tells me I was grinding my teeth in my sleep and that he kissed my cheek and I stopped. I know the ghost of him wouldn’t possess that kind of tenderness.