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Everybody screwed up their faces, struck out their arms, stumbled and groaned. Panik-Udo knocked his heels together and shot up his right arm, Dr. Strangelove-style.

Good intentions, and all that.

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There was something in the pressure and the urgency that made her smile, and then laugh. It was like carrying heavy furniture while someone made a joke--the effectiveness of the joke seemed directly proportional to the weight of the furniture. What was it

Licking around the rim

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Sure, it was a hot day, but the driver was in the middle of a driving lesson!

Brot und Käse

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I hoped I did not look as panicked as I tried not to feel.

Sullen Months, Möbius Strips

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It was all too absurd for me to even feel compassion for him, as I think now I maybe should have.

Lang's Dragon

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Fritz Lang. Even before I ever met the miserable son of a bitch, with his monocle and superior airs, I hated him. In person, he was an insufferable asshole.

The Wall: A Love Story, Of Sorts

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I need to get in and out, you say.

Red and Blue Lines of the German Painter, Otto Dix

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They can’t help Seeing a child even there In the crude brushstrokes. They say it is me.

Warning to Frau. Merkel

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Oh! Fraulein Merkel, What shall you do? You wanted a multicultural land To erase away taboo. It hasn't worked, it will not work The Volk are very cross Women are fearful in the streets The politicians don't give a toss Misogyny…