Warning to Frau. Merkel

by Tabatha Stirling

Oh! Fraulein Merkel,

What shall you do?

You wanted a multicultural land

To erase away taboo.


It hasn't worked, it will not work

The Volk are very cross

Women are fearful in the streets

The politicians don't give a toss


Misogyny and sex assault

Thievery and rape as well

Poor old Deutschland is looking bad

How can we resolve this ill?


Muslim does not mean fanatic

We all know that and agree

But we need to know that we're safe to walk

Down streets that once were free.


You've opened us up like a can of Kraut

To this and that and more

Its only matter of time, Frau M

Before violent crime will soar.


You've already censored the TV stations,

Now Radio is close behind

Police refuse to write reports

So afraid of being seen as unkind.


We have fought too hard for centuries

to win our rights for freedom.

And not to cover our hair or legs

or give up the vote for women.


Close the borders? Weed out the bad?

Rip up their papers? Send them all back?

All of these or none of these but something must be done

Or every woman in the land will own a Taser gun.