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Worth a Thousand Words

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He was triply satisfied: he’d come twice and he was a damn good-looking man.


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I grabbed the overhead rail, flexing my biceps and easing my pelvis in his direction.


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“I was just dreaming about you,” he said, sleepy-voiced. “What's for breakfast?”

An Unreasonable Request

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My father continued to look over a copy of ‘Their Eyes were Watching God.’ He was penniless in his enthusiasm.

dinner for one

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no one else comes in my back door but you

First Date

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Both men sip their Cabernet Franc.


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I rifled through the bedside table until I found dirty magazines


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You can’t take a chandelier on an emergency dash across a nuclear desert.


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... all my friends are girls; I like opera; I can answer all the questions about male and female ejaculation – without stammering – in sex ed. classes. And Braydon? In boardshorts, tall and tanned and naked from the waist up ...

Broadbeach Bargain Bin

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The ice in Mum’s drink clinked as she rolled the glass across her forehead. “Ith that a gay thing or ith that a vampire thing? ’Coth I’m finding thith all a bit confuthing.”


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My people rested naked sandwiches on the arms of chairs, and always had an open saucer with half melted butter, a block of Velveeta cheese in the freezer, an open rice cooker.


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We decide not to go to the emergency room


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I was sleeping in a pile of teenage bodies soft limb spread over soft thin limb.

Living in the Lapin of Luxury

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“There’s cheap land at Cudlee Creek perfect for breeding long-haired rabbits,” he added. “They can’t jump high so fencing costs are low.”

Unfinished Business

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you are the most uptight pansy I have ever met