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A Man More Like Your Mother

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Does he pack you a lunch when you're running late for work? Even when you're not running late? Does he insist on regular medical check-ups, for which he'll pay because you don't have insurance? Will he disapprove of your objectionable behavior, and not turn the…

Bitter Orange

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A poison bouquet of Merlot and brown floor muck bloomed in Seth’s nose. It’s one thing to sniff a freshly decanted red and another thing to shower in it.

Accident Assurance

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They found your athymic neck/clipped like a bag of Skittles/and your lifeblood left a Rorschach test on the dash/in which they saw the future/and their own exits/(straight ahead and to the right).

Musk (Extract)

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He's clueless. Got no idea where he is. Some part of the city his feet have never tramped before. The smell of something tangy, like the remaining salt in a tub of popcorn, hangs between the blocks of flats. Then there's the man-himself scent. Tossed back…

A Stabilizing Element

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Hernandez, the name, is not hers. It belongs to Carlos. She's been meaning to change back to her maiden name, Matsuoka, but she hasn't found the time. Sometimes Martha wonders if she's holding on to the name for the same reason she's holding on to the Kauai wedding…

The Letter

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As much as he missed Martin he knew that their time together had passed, even though neither of them wanted it to.

My Great Uncle Jerry, a Villanelle

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Jeremiah Sherwood was Irish, Catholic, and gay.

The Boards

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A midday surprise visit ended his second board: with Reginald in one arm, his foster-mother opened the door on a horrified case worker.

Palm-Sized Woman

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We saw a sign advertising a palm-sized woman. I suggested we have a look. It didn't occur to me we were paying a dollar each to see a midget. I don't think you realized it either.

Paddle/ Pedal/ Piddle

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You say boxer briefs, I say pillbox hats

The Gatekeeper Of The Pathogens

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It was in his teeth. A blackness, a subscription to an outsideness, a painful contraction of burnt out trees scattered there among sand drifts and tidal debris. His face, lightly weathered and troubled, a tightness built into eyes of thought and separation. His arms, strong…

This Is How You Make The Bed

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He disrobes; shoes, socks, shirt, belt, pants. He smells of hard work. The nude whisper of everything else.