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The Song of the Jardin Venus

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The place is a living rebirth, And all death is only temporary. For soon in the land, the soil, For soon in

dinner time

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Baagh looked up, her face saturated with the crimson red of accomplishment, as stars crept out of the darkening blue sky and filled the air with a blanket of twinkling lights. Two victims of the night laid still in the trail with their discarded long, b


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The cabin has windows all around, like ribbon tying a birthday present.

No More I Love You's

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I liked it better before, left up to me.


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Forty years is a very long time to live with someone.Ellen stood motionless at the curtainless kitchen window, staring at the autumnal woods, looking for signs of the various animals that frequented her property. She had done this every morning and every evening since Jim…

Wanderer and The Temple

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the odd stone stands/taller than trees/it protrudes from the young forest/an old mecca but smooth

Pine Siskin

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The forest is still there.

Killzone Excerpt: Feeding The Wrong Fire

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"To feed the wrong fire, is to burn the house in the wrong forest." -Shan Shaikh


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Mushrooms. Foley was a bit drunk and a little blue after having spent the morning drinking with the usual crowd at the Breeze Inn. One of the regulars had mentioned old Red and it was a damned shame they couldn't find him. Probably got himself lost in…

The mannequins are only playing dead

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at nightthe mannequins leave their glass prisons and hunt owls in the forest***sometimes they dance a slo-mo tarantella in a clearingbone-white …

Mon in the forest: a fragment

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Mon wakes up surrounded by trees. The light is grey, the trunks black.How long have I slept? he wonders.He doesn't know which way to walk. In every direction, the same prospect of trees. He looks up at a blank sky. No sign even of the sun.***He starts walking. Slowly,…