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Her Alphabet

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There's the way you see lines of the palm cut short by a scar there on the hand where once a kitchen knife may have slipped. He used to tell her he would see her without so much travel, odds and ends, or his adventures. A day ahead, a week later. A month goes by. …

Lost Splendors

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“I have a theory,” she said on their first date, which was at an Indian restaurant where the music was a lovely singsong but the chef seemed enraged as he clapped a ball of dough between his hands, then threw it into the flames. And her date, whom she…


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Two Roman busts have come down to us, both copies of supposed earlier Greek originals, from the 4th. century BC.

Old Church Slavonic

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Because it seems never to be beginning, always picking up in the middle with it’s long resonant tones, which themselves begin as if they’ve always been. Maybe that’s why we love old, sacred music. And by we I, of course, mean my two-year-old Charlie and m

My Plumber

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It sounds so good.

There Were Giants Upon the Earth in Those Times and the Wickedness of Men

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A pair of snakes contemplates gulping a pair of frogs.

Stiff Mackerel and the Aging Turkeys

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Some misadventures of band members have caused show postponements And cancellations during the band's 50-year-long career The start of a European tour was postponed in 1998 When one of them fell off a ladder in his home But the band didn’t

1 Mil = One-Tenth of a Cent

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Thankfully I don't have to share my Jim Beam with the cat.

The Black Madonna

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They say I am filthy. On this high pillar I perch like a stuffed avian relic, flightless, no prey. The horizon before me is broken by scuff and foreign tongue, by atomized evil. Pleas, and there are many, are answered by the only prayer I know, the one prayer, which…

Wash That Man

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The washing machine at home was broken. It was an old leaky Maytag. A discouraging mess—twisted panties, sky-blue jeans, and an old lover or two or three floating downstream (the reverse of spawning salmon). Each man was slightly drowned,…

Arion, the poet

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Nearly everyone knows of that celebrated poet’s story coming down to us from classical Greek mythology: the tragic tale of Orpheus and his descent into the underworld to rescue his beloved Eurydice. Well, there’s a much lesser known story of a legendary 7

Ze Nazi Clothing Store Around Ze Corner

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We call this place "The Nazi Clothing Store" because: You VILL NOT use cell phones! You VILL NOT buy zings off za mannequin till Tuesday (an even zen vee shall see...YA?). You VILL ask to be rung up at the time of purchase after standing at

Flint and His Girls

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I heard the little young dark-haired girl The one who came looking for Flint the first night He moved in – I heard her crying muffled sobs Down in the parking lot behind our place And Flint was trying to comfort her But she was really letting it

Gino Something

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Gino Something His name was Gino. I’ll leave out the last name, not that I think it matters anymore. He came into my dad’s gas station on the near North side of Chicago to have work done on his fancy car. I was still a teenager. I accidental

I Got Your Red Snapper, Right Here

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“I got your red snapper, right here” The waiter said. He grabbed his crotch “What kind of restaurant is this?” Asked the senior citizen “Yeah, come and get it, if you want it so bad” Said the waiter, pulling off his white apron And tossing