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Madeleines, which he hadn’t touched in twelve years, had a place in all this, were accessories in his daughter’s violation.

Fragment of an Early Novel of the 21st Century

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But, as his mind twisted like a square peg beating a hole into a round mallet, he sensed it had something to do with penguins. Not that he knew anything about penguins, at that point in time. That would come later, in his days, after this history, where h

My hood

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My father was a writer and a great man, and his father was a writer, as was the one before him, and he was a great writer, too.

A Few Good House Calls

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Count the corners where one turns from Artist to pragmatist, and there – within that mist, is a slain ghost waving its fists as all the single dead cells past adolescence.

Obituary for a Poet Heretic

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He sat on a leather couch in the nude, blew smoke rings shaped like wild animals and picked verses out of the thick air.


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He is fourteen and this is his first shave.


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By the time his fortieth birthday rolled around it was inevitable. He continued to fight until the very end.

Father Must (from The New Yorker)

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It might not seem easy to breathe any love into a name like Father. It’s a stiff word—it’s not soft, like, say, Papa—but sometimes you have to breathe love into names you don’t choose.


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They were starting to get winded. The boy, his father and his little brother were hiking up a hill, cutting a diagonal path through hay-colored grass towards an outcrop of craggy boulders below the hill's summit.


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He built her as a playwright crafts a scene. For a lifetime he balanced the trickle of his love, his thoughts, his hope... his self... into her ears, until she became his story. [419 words] (Explicit language).

How My Parents Fell In Love

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My mother walked out of a grocery store. My father drove up in a car, a fast car, silver, a car that goes vroom vroom.

The Undertaker's Son

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You would never see me the same again. You'd always be peaking at me from behind your mother's apron.

Cold Water

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The old house smelled like copies of Life and Reader's Digest and Leica catalogs and my grandfather's nonfiction books.


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It’s got four seats and a wheel and it’s faithful as hell, her father used to say.

Foreign - 55 words

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His sons have never quite looked at Charlie the way they do now.