Jeff McCrory

Location California
Occupation Mental Health

About Me

I write facing a window that I always keep shaded by a matchstick blind. I get a coarse-grained impression of what is happening in the street outside, but I can't see the faces of passersby or reliably identify the make or model of any of the cars zooming down the road.

Meanwhile, I'm totally invisible to the outside world.

Why do you write?

I write so I have an excuse not to do the dishes and my laundry in a timely fashion.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I'm too busy to make a list at the present time.

Jeff McCrory's Wall

Darryl Price – Apr 18, 2010

Hey Jeff I like that whole idea of not having to do the dishes, but I've found it doesn't work for everyone. And the dishes have a way of waiting you out. But very good answer. Welcome.

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