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The Fish, the Fisherman, and the Sea

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My father is remarkably clever. That is, for a rundown, henpecked fisherman. He has caught me again. He has me slung over his back in a rickety lobster trap and I can hear him huffing and the water in him sloshing and though I can't see his face, I imagine it is ruddied…

Frog Kissing

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All right, so the frog I risked my lips on (not to mention the contents of my stomach) . . . .


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My tongue is clicking. I want to act out. I want an unprofessional bargain.

The Wish

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Now coins used for wishing are not like coins used to purchase bread or carrots. Coins that have been invested with the magic of hopes and desires are special and have special properties. The difference between wishing coins and ordinary coins is very subtle.

Still Crazy After All These Years

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Dr. van Roos reminded the group that trauma is trauma...

A Fish Story

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On their first meeting, when Hans rolled his wheelchair to her door she would be he first to say that her heart sank. But he was so beautiful and charming and funny and quirky that his disability was soon forgotten.

The Tale Of Brave Grinelda

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Once upon a time in the days of old There lived a poor tailor who- I am told- Did brag that his daughter Spun straw into gold!

The Tale Of Cunegunda

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Now it should be mentioned here This is certainly the time That Cunegunda lived in Ipswich A beastly place to rhyme.

Vasilissa the Brave and Beautiful

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When the dust cleared, she saw him, standing silently, bow and arrow in his left hand. His face was the same as her middle brother's, broad and handsome, his dark eyes slits for light. This was her father. …

Texan American Fairy Tale

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I'm not a wife but a cipher.

The Princess and the Frog: What is Flash Fiction?

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If you want full dramatization, read a novel.

Snow White

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Well, here I lie in my glass coffin . . . like a frozen soul waiting to thaw out . . '

The Rock & The Crow

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Once upon a time there was a large rock. It wasn't anywhere near the size of even a small boulder, and at the same time much too big to be any sort of pebble. And so it was simply a large rock, which the rock thought was just fine. …

The Wall: A Love Story, Of Sorts

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I need to get in and out, you say.

Pru in the Dimple of the Broad-Smiling Boy

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. . . something so large as a little boy.