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Blast! crashed through Shelter of car Violence! of blow! On window glass It winced! on Four wheels


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She stepped out of her panties. She spread her arms wide. "Take me!" she sang.

Of Midwest Contortionists In Extremis

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he dreams of levitation or meeting Houdini in the afterlife.

Bad Girls Go To Hell

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you know the truth you spout the truth you live the truth lies are for amateurs

Throwaway From Notable Bangor Landscape Painter

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into sepia, into dust, the fifty one thousand unnameable spores;

Snow White's Stepmother speaks

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I am hated and necessary to them at the same time.

The Tour(ette's) Guide

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There is a woman in here- I am never alone- but she is fully clothed in Detroit Derby Dolls gear and stands at a modest seven inches tall.

The Cenataur (Part 1)

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Love needs loathing like cold weather needs warm clothing. And all truths, untruths and part truths need a place to live when a mind gets too sardine-packed with information and cynicism... Some say there was a time when the light was brighter, the ear

All Seeing

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Our Core Values define evil as the concealment of information. And those who conceal information are evil.

The Dead in Paris, Parts 3 and 4

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We love the sound of automatic weapon fire/ // I wish that oak tree crushed your skull/ instead of just your spine. You deserve/ to be a corpse. You deserve to be buried

D Evil in the D

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when the devil dies he divides enough evil for everybody

No One Was Watching

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What happens in life when no one is watching?