Peter Wood

Occupation editor, writer

About Me

Peter was born in Leicester, went to college in Northampton and now lives in the east end of London. Peter works as an editor in the publishing industry, primarily for academic and scientific publications. Peter recently completed a stint of working on an online newswire writing and sub-editing current affairs articles.

Peter has performed stand-up poetry and comedy in venues around London and the US. He has also collaborated on a number of theatre and short-film ventures as script editor, writer and continuity photographer.

Peter has self-published a novella, Blame It On The Camels, available on smashwords. He is also working (slowly) on other projects.

Peter loves film-noir, thrillers, blues music and dogs.
Peter is married - so far this is his best and most enjoyable work in progress ;)

Why do you write?

I have always written whether it poetry, stand-up comedy monologues, film & theatre or short-stories/novels.

It has been in part a form of escapism into a different world and part because although I can fake a lot of things it's the only thing that I've felt I'm any good at... though never as good as I want.

It's just something I do.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Denis Potter, Jo Nesbo, Neil Gaiman, Paul Auster, Hurruki Murrakami, Nick Cave, William Burroughs, Charles Bukowski, Roahl Dahl, Maurice Sendack... Too many to mention really...

I tend to read a lot, sometimes you learn a lot from them, sometimes just a single idea. It's about keeping yourself open to whatever's out there. Am currently reading Elliot Perlman's The StreetSweeper - absolutely amazing. Transports to a different place with a different way of breathing. How writing should be!

Peter Wood's Wall

Marcy Dermansky – Apr 07, 2013

Writing on your wall again. Thanks for reading Adults at Home! I think there are rules about how often you can post stories. In the Fictionaut forum, the top post is a primer with an FAQ for new Fictionaut members. Maybe it will help!

Marcy Dermansky – Apr 03, 2013

Welcome, Peter, so great that you have posted a story. Hope you enjoy the site.

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