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He is poised erect before me. I take pleasure in soft skin that does not betray the strength of his cock, firm and yet vulnerable beneath my fingertips. With my hands, I coax him to his full length, girth. Tonight I ignore the heat of my Delta and bow my head in worship…

Latte Art

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The barista with the fake rainbow nails and amazing cleft. . . .

Top Ten Ranked Sports Bras Combining Support and Erotic Stimulation

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...beginning with Number Ten a slithery nylon / lycra model from...

The Bombshell

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He put Claudine in the barn. This caused him some pain—he’d have preferred for her to be able to stay with him in the house. His mother and father, were very strict Lutherans and insisted on marriage before ‘bunking together’.

'I don't wanna not know you'

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She'd hung a handful of pink quartz, blue datolite and clear rock crystals from my rear-view mirror, they swayed and clapped together with each jarring impact of the F-250 as we headed up up up up. She said, "each time they click, it's good luck," brushin

The Bird King in Love

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1The Bird King has fallen in lovewith a radiator.He adoresher pockmarked skin,her neurotic arias,her coldness,her impulsive warmth. 2Tiring of his dalliance with the radiator,the Bird King woos an armchair.She's amply upholsteredand groans dreamilywhen he sits on…

The Conversation

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Listening is loving. What is more erotic than these fathoms, skeins, words, roping tight the ardent ear.