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Language Lesson

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I smoked my cigarro under his watchful eye. We were never able to make too much conversation even when I was teaching him at Educenter. Now that David had opened his own school, Evert had come to learn with him because it was much more affordable, but he


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I grabbed the overhead rail, flexing my biceps and easing my pelvis in his direction.

del abandono

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standing naked in the doorwayher body drained out from the pastthe rain is pulling itself downon the milky window glassder schnee verdirbt am sonnenstrahlnasser schmutz am fenstersimswas bleibt ist nie was wirklich wardie laken kaum noch spürbar warmloin de tout, un rêve…

Godfrey part 1 : Godfrey's penis

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"Bit of a shrinkage situation."

Godfrey part 2: Marjory's bag

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"when I say bag, what I mean to say is…"

Black Hole of Beauty

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Surrounded by a stressfull sense of trying to understand the human condition. The flawed characters in the story speak of past violence and conflict. It is about a boy who is dealing with a recent suicide attempt on his own life & the regrets that come wi

Just One Sentence

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Blinking, Eleanor frowned at the words she’d uttered. They were absurd… foolish. Unequivocally unscientific, but beautiful nonetheless. The notion of the sunless hours embodied as a clumsy artist struck the student as interesting.

Out of the Valley

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Megan Collier clutched the metal sill of her window, torn between fear and intrigue. Though not her first film expedition, it was her first trip to the African continent. Seasoned and well-paid, this crew had weathered precarious situations before. The dr

Invandrarsvenska / Immigrant Swedish

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the words come hard and slow (one poem, two languages)

Invandrarsvenska / Immigrant Swedish (v.2)

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When I write in Swedish the words come hard and slow.

Small Budget Poems

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Toxins make a body happy/ as if acceleration toward// an end of consciousness/ is its own reward.

Small Budget Poems

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Toxins make a body happy/ as if acceleration toward// an end of consciousness/ is its own reward.

My Name is William Hurt and I Am a Movie Star

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Not to sound too ridiculous, but Hurt was giving me the hurt, and it felt good.