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Precatio contra violo

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The drip of rank meat, his muzzle, his back-barbed tongue: red.

The things we did to get away from ourselves...

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"It makes you mushrooms but in a bad way," said one of our friends who had experience with it. Actually, it wasn't a drug at all but a potent incense they sold at the head shop. And so I coughed up a fifty and picked it up when I went there

All the Dead Punks

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my body forgets its own music

Junk Pulse

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Me included...

Broken Night

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Could I really seduce and rob a total stranger -- just on a dare?


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Everybody knew the McDonald’s at the Waterfront was selling theraflu stamp bags, and I guess I’d heard how bad it was for you—they’d had reports of dumbasses ODing on channel 2, 4, and 11—but it was a lot stronger than regular heroin and a lot cheaper...

The Masquerade

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Atlanta, 1990The night we almost died,crushed at a one-hit wonder concert,comes back to mewhen the club announces it's closing.An ancient excelsior millturned industrial dance hall,I spent three years mapping every dark corner, finding secret places for sex and…

Acid Flashback #2

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I'm transfixed in Tower Records,all the CD covers dancinglike a thousand little TV screens.Your whispers a remote controlchanging those flickering images.When security asks us to leave,you drive my car as I slumpagainst the window.I close my eyes and transport usStar…

Sex, Drugs & The Tao Te Ching

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The Dude asked Ed: "What about Love, Man?" Ed shrugged. "Love is just acceptance." Words that would change my life forever.

English Riviera

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Wooden piers, sour local beers Sodium smears on aquariums, damaged