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My knuckles are red from holding me up against the tile. I lick the pill off my hand, then I wonder if it's today's pill or if it's a pill for another day.


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Like a hotel detective searching for semen stains on the opposite side of the mattress, she turned the rag over several times, holding it out several inches from and above her face.

Wax Lips Opiates

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The Syringimals were filled to their 60 ml capacity with a gelatinous ocher blood. They fluttered around using sparkly wings stolen from Disney fairies, and attempted language through wax lips that were usually secured with scotch tape.

I Hear Music Coming From Everywhere

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There is sex, somewhere. Somewhere it is there, hovering and then landing, silent and then singing, singing loud, singing almost as loud as the sun.

X, Chapter 6: Politeness rituals, Punnett Squares, Pavlov & the Plan

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"Isn’t a world where we are made up of mostly empty space and magnetic fields and that time and space warps around us magical enough?"

Slapping at the Dashboard for Percussion and Permanence

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We all lose our virginity in numerous ways.

X, Chapter 10: X-Men 137

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Snow was melting in buckets and rivulets carried water over winter-beaten brick, concrete, and asphalt. Walking down the glistening sidewalk with his girl next to him, Alex felt as if he had emerged into a world flushed by some momentous change: a victory

X, Chapter 11: Zzsst, pop, crack

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A tremor ran through her and then a fizz, like circuits misfiring in her brain: Zssst. Pop. Crack. Things flashed in blue and red and yellow on the inside of her eyelids, but when she opened her eyes, Alex's bedroom was still dark


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So in the middle of that reddest of red states, our group, we needed our own base, our own HQ for our own fun: we made art, we played in bands. We couldn't hang out in the normal places, like the arcade or rec-room on campus. We'd get our asses kicked i

Chapter 14: Infinite Future Marie Antoinettes

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Min’s skin was still so hot, goose-bumpled and engorged with blood, and as sensitive to touch as the tip of her tongue


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~our silly cosmology of visceral pleasure~

Help Me Screw Robert Smith Before I Die

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Here is what we patients call the death ward. The third floor, left wing, C. We’ve gone terminal. Our wishes have been sent on to that great foundation in the sky. We have AIDS, Cancer, Brain Tumors, Genetic Heart Disorders and more Cancer. If you have go

Far Star Girl

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She thought maybe an angel had called out her name. She wasn't sure. She was waiting for her older sister to return with Jujy Fruits and bonbons. The theater, neither light nor dark, was to Cassie's ten-year-old mind, an appropriate-enough setting for a v

STRAY, chapter one

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"A Social Worker develops programs to help feed the poor," she had said, "and makes sure there's a chicken in every pot. A Counselor asks them how they feel about getting the chicken. And a Therapist diagnoses and treats them when they start hearing

Puffer Fish in the Infinite Laboratory

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They put me in charge of developing a drug that stifles fear.