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The Ruined Person

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The pit of my stomach was bottoming out, this lurching sort-of feeling one experiences when one has coasted WELL OVER an abyss and has no way of finding one's bearings . . .

Seth Who Loved KISS

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He used to sometimes buy two boxes of Lucky Charms, separate all the marshmallows from the first, add all those marshmallows to the second box, throwing away the remaining cereal.

Eyes that Said Don't Leave Me Here

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Two friends follow the train tracks by their neighborhood.

Panda and the Meth Lab

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I watched daytime TV. Small claims court. Judge Wapner. There was trouble in all sectors of paradise. Dogs fled. The sign that said Free HBO lied. The Happy Meals always came with repeat toys. My toothbrush with the Incredible Hulk was back in the trailer

Denise Santalucia

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She had a way about her now, like she couldn't help herself. I like that in a person, however it presents itself. Her long black hair was soaked and the water rolled off her, a hot pink dress clung to her body and I could see her nipples.

Dancing on the Rhythm Bus–One Night after Leaving The Pyramid Club, 1991

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The next day I can’t recall at all, a waste, like the flash of twenty years of my life, faces that pass you like comets in some erogenous unnamed zone of night, but they got me in some isolation room with my wrists in leather restraints.

The Map Hidden Behind Miles Davis

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If I give you $1000 for crack, can you double it? And in how long?

The End of Fun and Games

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A procession of our somber youth— stoned and stunned and broken beyond repair—viewed the boy carved of putty. The mortician painted him stuffed him, presented him to us, the semi-living.

The Art Film

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I began to suspect I was living in an art film as I stood in line at the DMV.

The Water Tower

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I was overly dramatic, that was my problem. Her parents, I'd have to shoot them.Point blank range.It was colder at the top of the water tower than I would have guessed from the ground. The wind was different up there. I liked it though. I've always felt better suited for…


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The stifling August heat smacked Brady Kaufman awake. He tried to move, thought he felt the trailer's linoleum flex under his weight. After two attempts at leveraging himself using a scabbed-over elbow, he gave in and relaxed with his shoulders pressed to the splintered…


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If pain pills and whiskey were a planet, you could look through a telescope and see seventy, eighty percent of the people who inhabit this holler orbiting in its gravity. It has been this way as long as I remember.

Good Enough Among The Gentry

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They are an abandoned garrison awaiting reinforcements that will never come.

Milk-Blood: A Love Story

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"But the history of shooting smack was still there and couldn’t be erased. He sniffed at the base of her neck and it came out of her pores. He felt the dope in her flesh at his fingertips. It was there in each and every cell, and always in her soul."

Lucky Drawers

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“What the hell happened to your hair?” “Whaddya mean? I have no idea what you're talking about.” “Looks like you stuck a butter knife in an electrical outlet.” “He got a fuckin' perm! Ha! Somebody has the hots for that hair…