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You and Ric Okasec

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Rick agrees to pay Paulina $12,500 dollars to go to bedwith me. “That's what I'm worth?” I joke, but I'm not offended.Who knows what such an amount that signifies to them?Apparently, they do this kind of thing oftenIn my dream, yes. I didn't want to bore you…


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That old woman's got to be senile or something. The other day she asked my daughter if I had a "thing about water." Sharon told her I didn't, but then came right in and asked me, "Mother, you got a thing about water?"

Where Time is Water

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Dog time is water. Incidents bob near the surface, fall into whirlpools, sink or drift with the flow.

Some Notions of Humanity

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We enclose in the end of us, a wilderness.At the bottom—A wounding and bloodful sea.Between these two cardinal points, we divide,We love and evolve matching witsBlown by incessant airs of nirvanas there. Heaven, herself, is but a ready-made featherKnocking at the…

Night and Day and

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wonder what I will / into life versus out of / habit let happen


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The sink spat its water in a most erratic and vindictive fashion, with varying temperatures of discomfort and a nefariously mechanical nonchalance. Her arms are elbow deep in the misbehaving appliance, it looked to us as if she was drowning a small rodent

Dream Life (flash friday)

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Virginia hated herself for every moment she spent wondering what it would have been like if things had been different. How would her life be if Glen hadn’t been misdiagnosed, if he hadn’t died when she was a year married and four months pregnant? Not


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I am a 33 year old drag queen, and I frequently confuse my dreams with reality. Each morning, I awake to a research project: what has actually occurred, and what was a dream? Today I woke up believing I'd lost a pound, so I weighed myself, and I was right.…

Common Sense

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'Yer a cool, cool glass of water baby....'

Brian's Bride

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I had a dream. "And it was a long dream, as dreams go. . ."

The Lives of Felix Gunderson

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The lights turn on, the audience cheers. He raises his guitar, steps up to the microphone and sings. The rock star. He is a god.

The Flat Monkey

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Not with words I think, rather, the following story was in a way breathed upon me. I do recall it being a hot summer night and feeling exhausted and under Caitlin's gaze. She was speaking to me, yes, but if I gave reply it had to be of the most perfunctor

Stream of Unconsciousness

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In his dream, he was choking on an ice cube. He didn’t know what would happen first — if it would melt or he would die.

Because there was dirt on the car seat

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I wanted to snatch it up into in a glass jar, quarantine it for a scientific study on half-conscious-dreams-that-actually-happened.

Fourteen Days In November

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The fantasies expand. With a small fatherless daughter I might finally become the rebel and the outcast I was always meant to be.