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A mostly true story about the Coca-Cola Museum

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At work I recommended someone go to the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta. I told you about recommending it to someone. “I always wanted to go back there,” I said. “You did? You never told me,” you said.

Is This Something?

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Four years older. You are in grad school in Florida. I am a college sophomore in California. Love for you filled all of my teenage years. Still five months till I turn twenty.

The Art of Conversation

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The lounge in our hotel —— the Oregon coast —— one guest, wheelchair bound, in residence for the full summer season, asks us in her Main Line Philadelphia accent, "Have you come far?" "No, not far. Flew from Salt Lake…

The Conversation Killer

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I stand corrected once more.

Bad Listener

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Sunday afternoon was the best. The kids drew straws for a chance to sit on the stool in the Kitchen with the broken armrest. I think mom thought it was an antique but it was just a piece of shit her dad picked up second hand.

I Hate Your Favorite Band

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He (after learning of my former occupation as a record store owner): So, what is your favorite band of all time?

86 the Conversation: A Side of Flat Screen TV with Your Burger?

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This couldn’t be a bar; I was with my mother. It took a few seconds for the collision of senses to clear, and I realized the restaurant had not only one, but two flat screen televisions hung in their dining room, and a fake fire blazing in the fireplace.

Black Coffee

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“I don’t see how anybody could do it.” “I could do it. I could do it because it ought to be done. When a thing needs doing, it’s best to go on and do it.”

Inheritance (draft)

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The dissertation lay dying. The operating table was a mess, littered with all of Jody’s surgical implements. Diagrams, post-it webs, red pens, black pens, paper clips, the locket of St. Dymphna (or Jude?) inherited from her mother, and sprawled across it

A Brief Sentence From the Woman Who Played with Herself (and God)

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You had me from the moment you dared to enlighten me, with that sweet smile hanging over the edge of your bright pink Cosmopolitan, your face teetering at the wrong angle, but not the words, which were never slanted, nor…

Stairway to Heaven

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Man, technology fuckin’ sucks! I been ridin’ dis train for almost fif’een years now.

What's that on your glasses?

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The shit just doesn't want to come off.

At The Diner

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“Heard Gotchalk passed away last weekend.” “Gotchalk died last year. You mean Gotsill. He just passed away. Classmate of mine. Lived in the house just up from the phone company.” Outside, cars drive up and down Elm street. Inside, three men…

Cocktails at the Szechuan Palace Lounge

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“What can I get you to drink?” “I'd like a Screaming Orgasm.” “I'm sorry sir. That's not on our menu.” “OK then. Sex On The Beach?” “Sorry sir. Not on the menu.” “What's a Samoan Fog Cutter?” …

A Dying Art

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Suppose I was to suddenly get up from the table, race across the floor and hurl me through the single-paned window out onto the sidewalk. Grammatically, it's all wrong, but you're probably thinking about the window and …