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On Your Way Home

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and you struggle with that idea, thinking how utterly all this would bore Freud, which is perhaps only fair, because Freud bores you too

Why I Want To Go North

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we all want to go down / because nothing north can be good.

Once There Was A Man

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And there sat one man. Searching for words and solace. The silence returned and the colors peeled off from the walls. Darkness returned with fledgling light. He threw back his head and filled the emptiness with his laugh. He laughed in mirth and in misery


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We leave at dusk in a borrowed car, two of us, driving from Boston to the border, our only stop a package store in New Hampshire for liquid provisions.

the woodpile

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One short cold season we had of the bending, of our faces burning.

A Decent Disaster

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It’s raining, she said. I said it was cold. We agreed that it was wet.

Game Night

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Randy stood in the alley behind Krasnowski Construction with a loaded gun shoved down the front of his pants. His friend Todd was inside, unloading the safe. And when Todd walked out the door, Randy was going to shoot him in the face.


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You set off across the frozen lake on the coldest night of winter. Steely black ice creaks and groans, its surface scoured bare by ruthless winds. A gossamer web of fault lines mark random patterns on the bleak and lifeless barrens. Twinkling lights illuminate…

Is Assaults the Void

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Light interrogates the dark.

May Day’s Eve Haiku

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snow’s forget-me-not.

When He Left it all to Me

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Where did you go?

Moon collar

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I don't think dogs like to die with the pack. The smell of them rotting brings trouble in the wild,

The Catcher and the Caught

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Like the swift night-black blue of a cormorant as it suddenly dips into a rush of white cold water,eyeing its possible food, we too sweepdown on what we think we see, rising wet sometimes with the reward,or hapless, dripping, we try again.