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My father brought home a turquoise Porsche with red leather upholstery. My sister and I were small, eight and six, and fit tightly in the jumpseats behind my parents.We went for a ride, tooled around Rome, circled the Colosseum, showing off for the people looking. My father…


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Two writers sat down for a meal, carefully avoiding any talk of their art.

Cover Story

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Love among the ruins?


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After she died, clearing out her safe deposit box at the local bank, I found more numberplates.


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Pushing his jeans down around his ankles, he knelt, and pressed his moist dipstick against my hole. “Do you always do this on a first date?” he said

Torn Among These Lovers

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She was intimately acquainted with automobiles having boffed a number of dealers, mostly purveyors of high end-marques. They seemed to have better technique than Chevy and Ford people.

Buddhas Don't Drive Hyundais

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We wish for Santa, we celebrate the birth of Christ, but no one would ever expect that the happy Buddha would come to celebrate Christmas Eve. Papa had been given this designated title for…

Saturday at the Pre-owned Super Store

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We do not want to be here. Need ensnares/ and pulls us. We put on its tightened face/ which mirrors that each guest will wear

Happy Meal

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The girl loved the car for all the reasons her mother didn’t.

Junctions / Decisions

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Next to you, the mother tightens her grip on her stroller. The young teenager tears her gaze from her mobile phone for an instant.


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“You know this is your death car.”