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Straight Out of the Can

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My other brother, Mike, has been camping out with the Carter boys down the street. For breakfast, he had beans, straight out of a can, and they were the best thing he ever ate. “These are the best,” he told them. “The best beans?” Joe, t

Conjugating Verbs

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“You didn’t get here by conjugating verbs,” he says. "No,” I say. “I didn’t get here that way.” My brother always liked to be a tough guy. And a wise guy, too. It didn’t matter to me. "Hey,” he says. “You know how you got he

The House-Sitter

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Men she walks by gesture at their crotches. “You want a piece o'that?” they ask. “No, not really,” she says. Lately though, she has been dreaming a lot about food. Doughnuts. Chocolates. Plates full of sugary treats.…

The Common Cold

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There was dad sitting at the table, wide awake, reading glasses on nose, pen in hand above a Doppler graph of numbers on paper, one of many now-lost theorems, looking up as his son walked into the room.

What Memory Holds

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There's this sepia-toned photograph, which my mother gave me, of my brother and me when we were still both youngsters. In the picture my brother's dressed in a skimpy checked suit whose sleeves were already too short for him — on its way to becoming my

The Boys

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The Boys The Boys, they call my brothers in the neighborhood, or Those Boys. The Taylor Boys. Sometimes, Mom calls them Thing One and Thing Two, like in The Cat in the Hat. Those bad boys. Nobody has brothers like my brothers, kicked off the school bus, barred…

The House-Sitter

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Avoidance is a terrible name for a baby.

Nowhere in Sight

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Passing for a dead boy ain't gonna be easy.

Castor and Pollux

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Over the stained fence the spectres flew and that is where the rain was turning colder and colder in the time when the trees had become mostly bare.

The Wishing

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Gary and I would always start out Tom-and-Jerry but end up Israeli-Palestinian.

Game Night

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We’re all competitive and drunk.


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Ted rose and began searching cushions of the bad furniture in his loft (Monte's loft, if you thought in terms of leases and rent and who had his shit together). Three shineless quarters in the yellow vinyl chair, a dime in the heater, nineteen cents in t

Berto and Cosi

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Berto had come to live with me a month earlier. He’d been cursed by being the favored child of our parents. Their indulgence resulted in a 40 year old man and heroin addict from age 17 and all that accompanies such an existence such as thievery, larcen


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An eternity in a crashing moment.

Conversation between Young Men

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It was stubborn early winter, when everyone was cold but went outside anyways, rubbing red fingers and shuffling feet.