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Erwin came into the kitchen through the back door and went straight to the sink to clean up. Black mud and dried blood crusted his fingertips and caked the callused whorls of his knuckles.  He used the round of strong-smelling soap he kept for…

Over Medium

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He did it in front of the waiter and everything.


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Tapping his foot, numbers accumulating in his mind, until his mother said, stop. She the only one able to halt the numbers, his father an empty set since birth.


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Last night aliens invaded our dishwasher.

Wishes & Luck

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They know, you can not wish on a moon that bleeds out like a highlighter through the breast shirt pocket. It’s a waning gibbous and it’s been boring since someone didn’t get what they want on a Tuesday in December.

My Father, Your Mother, Our Breakfast, The Ghost

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"It was easier when I didn't know where she was."

Smack That Ass

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Inside I glowed like a Lite Brite thinking, "It's good how we all love and appreciate each other in this community. We look out for each other, and that's important."

A Delicate and Ancient Art

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He was a sushi chef, and he would spend hours in their kitchen practicing his knife skills, and the speed with which he can put that there and this in that and so on; and she would see him on the floor most mornings, still wearing that dirty, tattered ban


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"bring it on..."

If Everybody Did This …

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Let’s talk granola ...

Protein Transfer

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Ham If you have never cooked a ham steak, you need not be afraid. The ham is often cut so thin that to over or undercook it is nearly impossible. The exterior reflects the centre better than any other meat; you will know when to stop.


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Wake up, stretch. Check the curtained windows for sunlight or that dreaded grey frame that forces the covers to come back up and the alarm clock to be set to ‘Snooze’.