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Let x

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Let x equal the moment just after he tells her he's starting a club for people who know something about computers.It is summer, 1984, and this is their grade school playground. She is idling on a swing over a patch of scuffed earth. He stands just off to the side, one…


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Mr. Fuller was the new choir teacher. He had a round face and a love of boys. Before we sang, he had us lie on our backs and breathe in the icy waters. Feel the waves lick your neck, he’d say, the sting of peppermint in the back of your throat.

Have You Seen Us?

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Maggie held up a hand. “No. It’s okay,” she said and maybe the third glass of wine had gotten to her then because the thing that had been growing inside her for a while took shape. Maggie looked at their faces: John’s, smug and Sylvie’s, despera

Matt: How It Will Happen

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It will be a beautiful, luminous, rollicking, transcendent book, the manuscript smudged with tomato sauce and tears.

Green Animals

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Tough boys with loose pants come out at this hour; their long chains swing from low pockets, their virile scent bites like steel in the cold night.


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I was afraid of needles and ponds of water and I was transfixed by both.


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Two writers sat down for a meal, carefully avoiding any talk of their art.


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Reining her small hands around the molded handle grips, her bottom bouncing athwart and wildly off the seat, Symphony wrenches her center of gravity inward, commandeering as much control from the road it would allow. With her breaks behaving as stubborn

Small Change

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From the passenger seat, Steve shakes the small jar of quarters. They jingle against one another, plunk against the jar’s thick glass walls and its lid. His lips tighten in concern.

The Boys

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The Boys The Boys, they call my brothers in the neighborhood, or Those Boys. The Taylor Boys. Sometimes, Mom calls them Thing One and Thing Two, like in The Cat in the Hat. Those bad boys. Nobody has brothers like my brothers, kicked off the school bus, barred…

Dudes Who Want To Be Her Boyfriend

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She says he is not a real person. He says he doesn't understand. And that she should be with the dudes who want to be her boyfriend.

The Seven Ravens: Notes on the Fairytale

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....under the glass ceiling....

Movie Stop

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The first and only afternoon you are invited into Matt Day's house, you're playing at Jim Meadows', where you usually are if you have permission to go anywhere. It is also the first time you see porn. Matt Day rides into his own driveway and drops his bike and…

The Judas Horse

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Mark dressed the velvet red Stetson, too big for his head, like a dandy. A six year old savior with fringe on his pockets flapping as he, the ‘Judas horse’ led me ’round back


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I got out of your car and walked up the brick path to my apartment complex. In the doorway, I turned and waved to you. You honked the horn, a quick beep beep, like a teasing wink, like a promise, and then you drove away.