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I think she wants to take skewers and pull her secrets from my head in a performance of multiple lobotomies. She will barbecue them and feed them to her husband, who won’t know what he’s eating. He will think they are mushrooms.

An Overdue Submission

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I ate the last item of food I had bought on our trips to the grocery store together. It was a chicken breast, months old, that I had bagged and froze for later. I baked it in the oven.

That Day

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breathless against my will

Following Questions

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4. If the property line is a symbol, what about the neighbor girl's window, the flickering candle in her room, her black cotton panties?

Lynda, The First

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Spring break that year, I spent nearly every minute with Lynda. Her taste for sex was unquenchable once we’d gotten started. We did it in every position possible. The sitting position in the front seat of the car, which my brother Harris had to explain

Mind Games

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Rendine Philips polishes his courage and enters the fray. Not virtual reality, more reality virtuous. He feels the pull and the push. Electricity pulses resistance.


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My brother Herb married his high school sweetheart right after completing college. This was a girl named Beryl, whom he'd met originally in Mr. Reinert's marching band at York High School in Elmhurst. I remember one day in particular in the middle of the

Murderer's Road

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The road ran an empty mile, straight to the Gulf of Mexico. North, it sandwiched neat between prehistoric land where snarled tangles of branch filled a landscape of dune and swamp. A thousand burned sticks, tall and barren rose to a burning blue sky. Nuketown, Sillinger…

Amo Ergo Sum

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her being half my age and he my husband

I know ...

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But here it was, Friday afternoon with Deborah checking MySpace for interesting bulletins or messages before she made some weekend plans, finding a blog from Fred posted that same morning with two simple sentences. "I know. I've known for a long time.

(5) Forgiveness

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“Charlie was right about you, Nan,” she said in a voice of pure defeat. “You are a gentle spirit. And probably too good for people like us.”


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A woman confronts her suspicions about her husband's fidelity.

(7) Plus and Minus

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"Her actions in the city seemed invariably designed to destroy that person, which she’d worked so hard all her life to become."

short novel excerpt

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On the edge of the bed steam rises from the teacups on the top of the SuperSer. She scratches at her stockings where the heater element points and folds her legs sideways. Somehow I cannot stop staring at her. The changes in the years since we last met ar

The Criminal Intern

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"Look, Ted, I'm on a timer. It's really hell here, you can't imagine. And I have a chance to get paroled early, if you do me a solid."