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I grabbed the overhead rail, flexing my biceps and easing my pelvis in his direction.


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“What I really want to know is, why is a straight guy called Caspar opening a lesbian leather bar in Berlin anyway?” Shona asked. “Schöneberg must really be going to the dogs.”


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Scales were installed on station platforms. Those who were overweight were turned away

At the ministry

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the longer they make you wait, the more you fall for the poetry of power


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“I can’t believe you went ahead and got pregnant without me,” I said.

American Muscle

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The forest is ours, the sea belongs to the Brits and the Americans have heaven.


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No chance for Hallo, we sank into an unlit station doorway and he fumbled through my shorts.

Licking around the rim

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Sure, it was a hot day, but the driver was in the middle of a driving lesson!

Potsdamer Strasse #3

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‘I thought we would get to know each other in the sauna.' What a clichéd schoolboy fantasy to hear those words. And from a sexy older woman. But they were said to me under circumstances that gave me no schoolboy thrill. My girlfriend's mother said this to me. In front of my…

Potsdamer Strasse #4

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‘But isn’t this weird? We’re friends and we’re going to go into a fetish club.’

The Other Purpose of a Raincoat

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How long does it take to know someone?

The Wall: A Love Story, Of Sorts

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I need to get in and out, you say.

Things Get Fuzzy

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We can’t just bomb Berlin or Dresden,/ Nagasaki or Hanoi, to make things safe

Tale of Another Country

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At twelve, I had begun to think about death as a possibility of life.

Berlin Terror

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I was surrounded by a rifle squad and herded into the back of a canvas-covered military truck.