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A Feral Queen

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Small or not, they were dinosaurs and not to be trusted, with bird brains and lizardy dispositions.


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The reaction had started, the hives and respiratory swelling. Maddy huffed for air, each inhalation rattling her throat louder, more hoarse.

Some Nature Haiku

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The proud, burly tree / Rests on the now crashed TV / Thanks a lot, nature

A Bupkis in Gary's Bonnet

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uncush­ioned by the under­wear and inflat­able party dolls packed in the suit­cases that now cir­cled below, wait­ing for the Sad Men on Vaca­tion Society of Kamloops

Behind the (Beekeeper's) Veil

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While I tried to work calmly, internally it was a non-Zen zone. I was experiencing a major adrenalin rush.

What People Do With Their Hands

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I said, “If this rose doesn't grow another petal in twenty minutes, I'm burning down the neighborhood.” “Just let it go,” said Paul. “No,” I said. “That's what's happening right here.” “You'll try again next…

Thoughts That Ran Amok Chopping Celery To Jane's Addiction Nearly Lopped The Thumb Clean Off

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I've hardly ever been anywhere in the world, except Phoenix Vegas and Alaska,

A Box

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Stares up at the minute cracks in the box.

The Artist's Conk

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Whenever talk dies, or darkness gathers too closely around the breakfast table, everyone knows the list of ritual activities we can brightly suggest to skip the day forward.


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As it is with bees—so too with words. On your journey across the blank page, you travel hard all morning with no thought of the family you left behind or your final destination.


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No bustling inside No extruded amber Wings onyx straight jackets A low hum of displeasure.

Quintet in a Natural Key

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I like the cool and dark beneath my rock./ It protects me from the glare and scorch/ of noonday sun and the chilling shadows/ of midnight moon.

for the queen of lapis lazuli

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you kissed me, once,/ kindergarten, recall--/ behind my ear./ called/ 'bee sting'