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Beloved, my Bess

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Let’s cast a sweeping look across this Apple Isle and see in a valley, little known to the mainland, a garden gnarled like old man’s hands behind a crumbling house of red and ochre brick.

The colour! The power! The vision!

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... and photos of friends from former lives: the Wolfman; Drac; the Mummy; my ungrateful Son; even my gold-digging, coat-tailer ex-wife.

A Walk in the Dark

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Eleanor smiled, knowing it was too dark for him to see it. “I am not out here by choice, having both faculties to think and the will to use them,” she said, coolly. “While I do not wish to meet these infamous replies, it is illogical to stand in one sp

Apocalypse WOW!!!

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Chupacabra and I watch as the Mayans invade Australia.


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We’re on the phone dead battery & I want this to last forever. The last thing I want to do is make decisions.


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Endless. I find this story.Beginning. To walk.Repeating. Repeating.The Memory. Of snow.Amsterdam. Rivers narrow.Hearts. Divide.Hands. Emboldened.Patronizing. Unpatriotic.Semblance. House held open.Forging. The ties…