by Ari Ross

Endless.  I find this story.
Beginning.  To walk.
Repeating.  Repeating.
The Memory.  Of snow.
Amsterdam.  Rivers narrow.
Hearts.  Divide.
Hands.  Emboldened.
Patronizing.  Unpatriotic.
Semblance.  House held open.
Forging.  The ties that bind.
Heart.  Expands.
Mind.  Corrupts.
Sublime.  To imbibe.
Pictures.  Photogenic.
Jive.  Insomnambulant.
Empty.  Voiceless rhetoric.
Freedom.  Frozen water.
Ice.  Capades of dreams.
Throwing.  Violent snow.
Praying.  Forgiven rule.
Entreatied.  Growing ambit.
Foresworn.  Acceptance pool.
Doors.  Always open.
Oxygen.  Flowing through.
Anger.  Down the street.
Running.  Towards our feet.
Pathetique.  Pacing down.
broken.  Viewed in the round.
Disappear.  Australia night.
Bond.  Not nailed down.
Fleeing.  Never right.
Bitch.  What you had said.
Forgiven.  My insticts fed.
Enjoyed.  Failing warmth.

Return.  Exume the throne.