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Paint Clot (Novel Excerpt)

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Damion was not this skin and bones saint. He was not the ascetic he carved himself out to be. He did not exist in a vacuum consuming and being consumed by only art. He was not all these things. And he was not always so painfully sober.

Art Space

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Thornton thought the abandoned castle would make a wonderful gallery space.

The Vessel dad da

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Billy Monahan came round the bend across from the brothel, when Thomasius  von  Bornheim appeared, staggering drunk, quoting lines from the book of revelations, but not revealing anything.“I am a prophet”, von Bornheim cried, “but nobody wants to hear me…

Magnum Opus

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The scaffolding had been difficult to construct. The rock floor of the bluff offered no purchase, so he'd been forced to anchor braces to the trees behind, then span some thirty feet. A cantilevered gallows reached another fifteen feet past the stage...

Ezekiel Rising

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He was surrounded. They were pulling him out on the road. Trucks, dark, vast as mountains, thundered past but none paid them any mind and no one stopped to come to his aid. One of the shadow figures pulled him up by the armpits. He felt the nails, the tho

The cycle of being married to Somebody

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Here is confinement. Here ties his enthusiasm to his waist and chains his ankles to obscurity. He must be there, sharing his face, telling his news, receiving his praise.

Magnum Opus, or A Portrait of the Artist as a Dead Man

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Imortél and his masterpiece looked deeply at one another: both were nearly complete.


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Phil doesn’t know anything. He thinks his truck is possessed by his dead mother.

Famous Female Artist

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I remember being sent a picture once from one of my old roommates, Louise, back in Chicago where I came from. The photo was taken when she’d come out for a visit to California. In the picture I am sitting on the front stairs of my house in the Rockridge

Lenin's Paintings

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I was going through Lenin's jewelry and his paintings with a team of experts. I got the idea that I was hired to verify his paintings, although I didn't know he painted.

(3) Country House

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At one point he’d said: Don’t you have work to do? And she’d said: I’m doing it now.

The Puppet Maker

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My sister Janis called me from Berlin and said to turn on the news. You could see the thick flurries of snow that were falling there and the flat feathers of peoples' breaths issuing from their mouths as they took turns swinging pick-axes, standing on top

Excerpt from Ars Atrocitatis

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"We were ready to make art out of anyone"

Anselm Kiefer Painting, 1

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The damaged sky is not more black than your hair, Ashen tonight and floating over the land in blackened Smoke, where the furrows run with milk light Or snow, blue and white, and the world-ash floats. Your patient body sleeps and the white pain

Shining Against Each Other

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They keep shining against each other