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virtual recovery

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take a nap take a shower write something terrible post it anyway

Scene from the Clinic

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No way to know why she's here, but scars and scabs can hold more information than a file or chart.

Mister Pibb Spillz

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If you get shook up, sit tight for a spell.

Lunch @ Chili's Is On Dollar Bill

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"...Whatever happened to Perry Farrell, anyway?..."

Road to Nowhere

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I could smell a bold combination of cheap perfume, stale smoke, and sex excreting from her weathered pores. The bus engine hummed as we climbed a winding road. She scratched her neck and tried to finger comb through her knotted hair. I caught a glimpse of

Puke Across Texas

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Imagine a girl who is never a woman...

There Was This Girl

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Oh! Oh! This girl this girl this very little girl was found and found and found again, tied to trees, tied to tracks, stuck in bubbly stew, shot with arrows, hacked to bits with ambitious ax.

Layne Staley

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I talked to a kid who claimed he'd been a soldier, and roadie for Alice In Chains

STRAY, chapter one

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"A Social Worker develops programs to help feed the poor," she had said, "and makes sure there's a chicken in every pot. A Counselor asks them how they feel about getting the chicken. And a Therapist diagnoses and treats them when they start hearing

Pointing Fingers.

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She burns her wrists with menthols; she says it's too much effort to cut them. Besides, it's more fun.

Doing Time Outside (novel excerpt)

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If you are a family member or friend of a person incarcerated in a correctional facility...

Doing Time Outside (excerpt 2)

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Society has decreed that you be in our custody.


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MOSAIC Your eyes coal-rimmed, busted, burned by betrayal. You and I, knee to knuckle, skinny with disorders and blurred around our edges. Challenged by our experience and the ash of past-love dusting the grate, the state, the…

For my lost child

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and where have the years sped how distant was your youth

Stone Cold Sexy

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You drink in women's bodies, without reserve. You take a sip at the post office, a gulp at the gym, a teensy taste when we walk together. Tonight you even indulged as we were looking for a parking spot and passed some twenty-somethings, then followed up w