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Reining her small hands around the molded handle grips, her bottom bouncing athwart and wildly off the seat, Symphony wrenches her center of gravity inward, commandeering as much control from the road it would allow. With her breaks behaving as stubborn

The Shared Transgender(er)

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...I told Uncle Lou I thought it (trans-gendering) looked like a thoughtful way of occupying the world. It was a personal triumph, for some individuals, over the destructive affects of denial. Besides, it hurt no one, and it didn’t destroy property. I alw

My Mother Loved To Dance

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I can picture her

We Smile at the Bad Things

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Evil encroaches on all sides. Wicked things with gaping maws and empty eyes Grunting, snarling beasts of hell's creation.


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After I find the condom wrapper lodged in the vacuum head I sit on the carpet beside the bed for a long time. I watch the magpie in the backyard diving at the pool of water that has gathered on the uneven patio stones, it's sleek…

Not Everything to Any One

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Lovers say you are their everything / You complete them / You fill any void they know / I am not your everything / And that's OK

Walking In My Big Black Boots

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"People do that. They cross the road when they aren’t supposed to and get away with it. They do it all the time. Only, then, he might think I was a rebel and I’d rather he imagine me a square. A square who never was a wild thing. A rebel who chose to be t

The Caterpillar

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So I plod along slowly. So what?

Some Men Can't Handle The Shame

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Some Men Can't Handle The Shame

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reposted after I took it down


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Crawl to the dark places I love most, loud music and off key laughter, glimmering green and brown bottles eagerly holding the dim lights overhead inside themselves like ransomed stars.

Emily Watches Him Sharpen Kitchen Knives

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trim the dull