Not Everything to Any One

by Anson Pope

Lovers say you are their everything

            You complete them

                        You fill any void they know


I am not your everything

            And that's OK


When another hurts you in ways I won't understand

            You'll go to your sister for comfort

When a hopeful fling turns you down

            You cry on a friend's shoulder

When you need someone to shop for shoes

            It's not me you chose


                        And that's OK


If I want to go to a hockey game

            You make it clear you'd rather sleep

If I want to go for a run

            You want to go for a swim

If I want to have a drink with the guys

            You're not a guy


                        And that's OK


For a time it wasn't OK.  I felt a need to be the one and only one to satisfy



            Your mind

                        Body and


            Though I would come to learn this wasn't possible and so I accepted it


                        And that's OK