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Holly Hope had met Latest Girlfriend once and was pleased to see that the woman wore stylish dresses, even if the end results looked like Liz Claiborne had tried to clothe a cigarette machine.

The Shawl

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The wolves took all she was underscored what I wasn't someone who could save her. Now her shawl lays in the snow smaller than she could ever go. If only she was as thin as that wind, maybe the wolves would have left her alone maybe I would have always…

Little Red - Part I

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Well, then buy me a gimlet and hold the olive with the little red thingy in it, I say. Wondering why I said it. On account of there's no reason to think he's not going to bite me.


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Paring knife under my pillow, I dream of skinning so many things...Three mice, a human arm, big bad wolf.


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"leaves &damage, &shifts of shape"

Cry Wolf

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"You are wolves circling, eyes burning in the dark...."

We Are Waiting For The Wolves

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You say we will go together to the park and dig a shallow grave and atone for everything we ever did by breathing soil deep into our lungs, and the wolves will leave.


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We knew the turkey would be ready soon, we weren't worried about that.

Long breeze

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This is a piece about wind-chimes, well, not really,