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"seventy five degrees longitude submerged in holy rivers out of my mind emerge anointed paramahamsas"

The Getting of Ignorance

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It was too late to be eponymous. I was happy enough to be an emulator. But even then, my ideas were nothing but re-runs of re-runs. Like a high-school production of Macbeth.


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It annoyed me that he could still split my mind along its faults like an earthquake, but the first leaves were falling and the air smelled sweetly of soil and decay. It was around this time two years ago we met.

Family Circle

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the far-flung Turner boys and their broods descended upon Pemberton like locusts

Gin And A Cowboy

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"Just sitting here trying to ascertain the meaning of life."


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Ted rose and began searching cushions of the bad furniture in his loft (Monte's loft, if you thought in terms of leases and rent and who had his shit together). Three shineless quarters in the yellow vinyl chair, a dime in the heater, nineteen cents in t


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The ice cubes had melted. "This is Irish whiskey," she told him.

Twin Lakes of Whiskey

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not that we ever had before

gravelortian part 18

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A poor boy scribbling

Chief Seattle

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Neighbors trade novels through windows


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If I pour long-winded cries on himand inhale these rocks easilymingled with whiskey sour breath but uneasy, willour thin containing still unfurl these sails?

Worms Shouldn't Drink Whiskey

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I have two memories of my dad. The first is a story he liked to tell: So my old woman came home one day with a worm. She sets the worm on the counter and goes into…

Dancing at the Crossroads

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We lined up opposite one another, instructed to stare into the other person's eyes for fifteen seconds. No talking. The debris of loneliness. Eyes welled with tears.

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb #7

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This is no time for those of a religious persuasion. No.


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There is coffee to the right and whiskey to the left.