by Raul Sanchez

A woman next to me asks

are you writing a poem?

scribbles I said from the place

left behind

lots of memories family mysteries

 incident strings come to mind

toilet paper ripping beyond the notches

social arts delivered on snack trays

my father's business monkey business

uncle parcels tips challenged

revenge masterable

philosophers avatars teaching

unknown sand tricks

seventy five degrees longitude


in holy rivers

out of my mind emerge

anointed paramahamsas

above the self, my Self

not for herself, itself

half empty whiskey glasses

translated stories five degrees

below the tropic of cancer

scorching sand illuminate

reflecting shade glasses

my sun glasses, empty whiskey glasses

no faith on things unknown

findable frequencies of known facts

the world a glass full of rain

landing on tiny runway

the world at my feet

held down by gravity


Raúl Sánchez 1-09-09