Raul Sanchez

Location Seattle, WA
Occupation Bio-Tech Technician
Website http://

About Me

I come from a place south where the sun shines fiercely, where corn grows, flanked by two mountain ranges a large valley within known as Anahuac. Nestled between two oceans east and west. I live in a place surrounded by asphalt, cement, full of rushing cars and buses, coffee houses, fancy houses, empty houses. Where the seasons shine and hide in the winter months. Where rain falls, oh blessed rain.
Green mountains tall firs, pine and maple leaves fall. Snow mountain peaks jagged edges at the brake of sun, white powder clouds canvas where birds fly south to warmer places. My warm house full of books, laughter and celebration for the words, the words that call to be written, shaped into poems, however strong, raw, soft or coarse they called to be etched on paper, the only proof of my existence

Why do you write?

Life itself moves me to create by using common words and unusual words. I read all the poets I can find, wish I could have more time to do that.

Any favorite authors? Books?

William Carlos Williams, Raul Salinas, Beckett, Jaime Sabines,
Denise Levertrov, Sylvia Plath, many many more poets

Raul Sanchez's Wall

Gary Percesepe – Jul 29, 2009

fine poem, man

& welcome!

Darryl Price – Jul 28, 2009

Just read your poems on blog. Fantastic! Welcome.

Morgan Harlow – Jul 27, 2009

Hi Raul!

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