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The Friend Catcher

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The morning after Charlotte killed her father, the air tasted like lead and the sky was gun metal grey.

(1) Nan

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[Her adviser] looked at her and tilted his head, smiling. Over his shoulder she saw the M104 bus cruising up Broadway, and considered diving under it. Instead she took off toward the corner, in shame, and he followed. When they parted ways, he took her ha


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It started (or maybe ended) with the boot flying off the balcony and bouncing in the dead grass in front of our building.


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Before we start you should know that I accept my role in all of this. I get it. It's no one else's fault that I died. I made my choices, from the stealing all the way to the end. I did that. And while it would be…

The Forbidden Dance

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They are pushing and shaking the old caddy, made of angles ‘cause it's from the old days. They are Arabs or Mexicans. I am not a racist. It's dark and there is loud music coming from that hotel that men live in. They are shaking the car…

The Magnificent Inheritance

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When I first came back home there were kids who pursued me. I can't even write down what they said to me. If I wrote it down and then one day this computer broke down and I had to take it to the shop then I would get arrested and put in the…

Earth Day Celebration

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At the annual Earth Day celebration, Frieda looked up in the sky and saw a lone goose. It had caught her attention with its call, echoing off the buildings and trees.

Chest Bump Bass Detroit

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son a superfly/alligator shoe clad/networking man/working a beeper and flip phone/twisting blueberry spliffs/on ma's porch

The City's Not For You

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You left your quiet life for a home in the city.